eDoc Validator

Online verification of documents signed with electronic signature

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Documents signed with the e-signature certificate of the National Certification Services Center are in .edoc format. Edoc Validator program is designed to verify the signature structure and copy digital documents that are in edoc format. With the help of this software you can find out when and by whom the document was signed and what certificate was used to sign, and whether it is true.


To check the file, you need to select the eDoc Validator on the menu. Then, click the Choose File button to download the .edoc format document (signed with electronic signature) and continue by clicking the button Verify. After verifying the file, you will receive detailed information on the result of the verification. If the signature is true, the signed files will be downloaded automatically.


The software developed for service was created as an open service. Organizations that have integrated or plan to integrate electronic signature services into their internal systems will be able to verify the authenticity of eDoc documents directly in their systems by adding this service to the software. Since this software is based on web technology, it can be used not only on the Windows operating system, but also in Linux and Mac.