Registration centers provide signature holders with services related to the consideration of applications submitted for issuing of certificates, their suspension, renewal and revocation.

Before submitting an order for a certificate the user should specify it (Citizens, Individuals, Legal Entities, Government Employees) and a carrier (USB Token), then apply through one of the following convenient ways:

  • Online through website
  • “Shebeke” service centers
  • From Azerpost LLC post offices
  • An electronic signature certificate will be ready within 3-10 business days after reception of the application.

    An electronic signature ordered online can be obtained by presenting ID card at “Shebeke” service centers or registration centers of Azerpost LLC post offices as indicated in the application. The registration centers are operating in Baku and all regions of the republic. You can also get it from the electronic signature registration center located at 185 Dilara Aliyeva, Baku city.